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About Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni River Bird Park

How the Umgeni River Bird Park started

Dr Alan Abrey designed and built the Umgeni River Bird Park. Abrey used to visit an old, water-filled quarry site when he was a child.  He began looking for a bird park site as an adult, and thought the quarry would be perfect. Workers then spent a year filling in the land and landscaping. They also built aviaries. Sybil Hotz, the mayor, opened the Umgeni River Bird Park in April 1984. The size of the park is 3.5 hectares. A lush tropical landscape now covers the area. More than 800 birds from 200 species are in the park. This number increases all the time. Some species are the only representatives of their kind in Africa. Other species are commonly kept as pets.


The park focuses a lot on education. The park’s education manager will add some exciting changes to the current education programmes. New additions likely are: interactive educational exhibits at various points around the park. Also, a new map, guide book and signage.

Every year the park hosts thousands of school children from across the country. Packages for schools and tours vary in prices, times, guided tours, worksheets and  meal options. Contact the park to request a package list and availability. It is important to book well in advance to ensure the Umgeni River Park has space and staff available.


The park is also the perfect place to have your next party, corporate function or Christmas Party. There are also a number of packages available for this. Contact the park for more information.

More Attractions

The Umgeni River Bird Park is just one of the attractions in or near Umhlanga. Browse the website for more attractions.

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